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EASE & FREEDOM IN MOVEMENT - Alexander Technique

Weekly Group Sessions
L'Espace Indigo
Wednesdays 6.30pm-7.30pm

These sessions leads to a deeper understanding of how to move easily and effortlessly in daily or professional activity.  This, in turn can help avoid injury and relieve common aches & pains.


Sessions continue all year but this program includes releasing in the rest position. I will do some Alexander Technique 'hands on' work with you unless you specifically ask me not to.  This is useful for alleviating fatigue, pain and tension.  After this we will work on:


  • Improved posture: you learn to release tension patterns and regain your natural poise. This can alleviate pain and strain on joints and muscles.

  • Easier movement: Daily activities such as carrying, sitting and walking   effortless as you learn to use your body in a more integrated way and use the motor skills you already have instead of fighting against them.  In this way you reduce accidents, increase flexibility and coordination.

  • Reducing Stress: By refining your self awareness you learn to pinpoint those moments of stress and to apply your newfound knowledge in releasing tension and reorganising your thoughts leaving you calmer, centred and more relaxed. You learn to be in the present rather than in the past or worrying about the future 

  • Being Independent: During sessions you build up a toolkit to continue the work yourself

Sessions involve simple explanations and fun demonstrations with followup articles and support. To get the most out of this work I encourage you to explore and reflect on your newly acquired knowledge inbetween sessions.  Each time we will begin with your comments, feedback and questions to ensure understanding and keep the content relevant to your concerns.


Wholeness in Movement
Workshops for Adults & Adolescents

This consists of ten workshops that leads to a deeper understanding of how to move easily and effortlessly in daily or professional activity.  The workshops are practical and experiential so that you can adapt and experiment with the new information from the workshop in between sessions. There is an order of learning within the course structure though this can vary according to your needs and requests.​ The premise of the work is how we operate as a whole system - how our thoughts and ideas intertwine with our physicality.  It generally begins with a table- turn*, followed by demonstrations and explanations in areas such as balance, the usefulness of gravity and our suspension system. The latter topics originate from the innovative work of David Gorman.

​Within this workshop we will explore:

  • simple movements such as standing, sitting and walking

  • the importance of awareness and spotting potential harmful habits​

  • how to live in the present moment

  • how the balance mechanism works and how to be centred

  • how gravity works for us and not against us

  • how we are lightly suspended on the ground 

  • how to begin adapting this knowledge in daily or professional life 

As we go through this material, we will also take time to look at common misconceptions about posture, sitting up straight, ‘getting it right’ amongst others.

To benefit the most from the work, you are encouraged to explore and reflect on your newly acquired knowledge inbetween workshops. Each session begins with feedback, comments and questions so that every lesson corresponds to the person’s needs and concerns.  Resource material is also available in the form of articles, videos and links.


What to bring

​Wear clothing easy to move in and barefeet or socks.  

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