Dance Class

6-8 yrs

Girl dancing

These classes focus on the intrinsic elements of movement – the origin of every dance style. Your children will explore their individual way of moving through structured dance improvisation. Notions of space, effort, rhythm and forms are integrated into fun themes around nature, animals, seasons and various styles of movement.

Your children will develop important physical skills, learn how to express themselves through movement and gain self confidence. By encouraging creativity, any sense of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ is eliminated and instead the pure enjoyment of dancing is shared and preserved.

The number of children per class is limited. 

What to wear:  

Loose clothing such as Sweatpants and t-shirts. Barefeet or socks.


Wednesdays  2-3pm


15€ per class

130€ per term

Reserve a place:  MBS Academie



MBS Academie, 696 Avenue de Font Roubert, 
06250 Mougins