Alexander Technique

& Movement 

             First Class: September 9th 2020             8 - 10 yr olds                     

Learning through movement is how we have all learnt to stand, walk, run and dance. Young children move so freely and naturally yet when exposed to the rigors of school and modern living they begin to develop harmful patterns of coordination which become habits for life. Slouching, tension in the neck and shoulders or excess effort in standing and sitting can result in chronic pain and injury in adolescence and in later years. 


Fortunately, learning is part of our DNA and children learn quickly.

kids running.jpg

In these workshops, creative movement, games and amusing exercises will allow your child to rediscover the ease and poise of their earlier years. Moreover, by regaining their natural alignment, their attention span and learning skills also improve.

In addition, it is important to understand movement from a more global perspective.  When children explore the interplay between their ideas, thoughts and how they move, they discover some surprising things. Using their anatomy more efficiently, and learning to avoid physical and emotional stress, for example, become second nature to them.

What to wear:  

Loose clothing such as Sweatpants and t-shirts. Barefeet or socks.


Wednesdays  3 .15pm - 4.15pm


15€ per class

130€ per term

Reserve a place:  MBS Academie



MBS Academie, 696 Avenue de Font Roubert, 
06250 Mougins