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The content of the pages is copyrighted by Julia Gilroy.

With the exception of precisely identified material, the total or partial reproduction of this site, such as articles, photos (excepting free copyrite) logos, trademarks and posts without the written consent of the owner of the registered trademark, is prohibited by the legislation in force in France and by international legislation.

Consequently, any total or partial representation of this site and its contents by any means whatsoever, without prior and express authorization from Julia Gilroy, is prohibited and would constitute an infringement punishable under articles L335-2 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code.

Permission is hereby granted to individuals to copy electronically and to print in hard copy portions of this web site for the sole use of the individual concerned as an information resource. 



The names and logos: Mouvementenvie are trademarks of Julia Gilroy

"LearningMethods" and the body diagrams are trademarks of David Gorman

 "Anatomy in Wholeness" is a trademark of Babette Lightener and David Gorman

Illustrations are from the book "The Body Moveable" by David Gorman

All trademarks are used with permission of the authors.



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