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This work helps you understand how to be centred and grounded. You learn how to use the full potential of your mind/ body connection and how you can apply this to your dancing. Many young dancers hold an excess of tension that interferes with their overall functioning and therefore their dance technique. Although dancers learn how to release this tension, they don't become relaxed and lethargic.  Instead, by operating more constructively they tone up their movements and are much lighter and quicker on their feet and in their gestures. 

It is generally advised to take a minimum of ten classes depending on the issue concerned. However many students opt for more to really integrate their learning into their dance technique. 

Very often teachers advise their pupils to see me because they are very tense, especially in the neck and shoulders. For the first few lessons I tend to give 'tableturns' which are as follows.


olenka-kotyk-OJZVjMYUMdY-unsplash (1).jpg
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