Moving with Ease and Freedom


The 'Moving with Ease and Freedom' workshops concentrate on how to improve balance and support and to re-find the ease and freedom in daily and professional movement. Moving constructively can also help dispel nagging physical aches and pains, alleviate chronic suffering such as back pain, and work towards an overall healthier life.  

They work from the premise that we function as entire, sensitive, intelligent beings. There can be no mental or physical separation.  

We move everyday yet most of us don't question HOW we move or consider our IDEAS about movement until we have aches and pains or find it difficult to master a technique or sport.  This work gives a fresh perspective on how our minds and our bodies function as a whole.  Misconceived ideas about movement are just as important as the movement itself.  Being in touch and aware of your habitual way of living can enable you to move in harmony rather than against your physical design avoiding needless stress, injury and discomfort. Ultimately, it aims to give you the knowledge and tools to become your own expert.

How are they taught?

There are no physical exercises, machines or treatments. Sessions involve simple demonstrations that enable you to understand how your habitual movement patterns can lead to pain and injury.  By using a sensitive and very light touch I can help you become more aware of certain tensions and holdings. The goal is to acknowledge them and learn their significance so that you can change and adapt as necessary.  At the same time you learn the process and valuable tools with which to continue working on yourself.  Straight forward anatomical and physiological information act as complimentary materiel that enables you to integrate and apply the work in your daily or professional life. 



 Understanding what it is to be perfectly balanced and supported will give you

a feeling of ease, lightness and freedom in everything you do. 



How does it work?

Learning from a theoretical and a practical basis gives you a deeper understanding of the work. Furthermore  by applying the knowledge directly to your daily life from the first lesson, you have the opportunity to come back to the sessions with your own feedback, questions and comments. It is a learning process that enables you to understand why you have your problems and how you can change or adapt for the better.  

It is an opportunity to uncover common misconceptions about good posture, muscle strength, core muscles, strengthening and stretching exercises and much more. No previous anatomical knowledge is necessary and the emphasis is on how we function as a whole and less on learning about body parts. It can be applied to personal issues or professional activities and used in training programs or teaching methods.

*medical attention is always advocated when necessary









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