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The aim of this work is to teach you a method to deal with problematic issues in your life in order to alleviate or even irradicate them. 

Questioning and exploring our perspective on the world affects our behaviour, habits and relationship to it.  Very often we suffer pain, discomfort or negative emotions without really understanding why we are suffering from them, mistaking these symptoms as the problem itself. We don’t look further into the underlying causes. Through systematic and careful investigation it is possible to uncover the reasons and go straight to the root of the problem.

As you go about your daily life and are confronted with various problems or difficulties such as indecision, stress at work, low self-esteem or find yourself caught in circular patterns of reoccurring problems - phobias, self judgement, physical aches and pains - which themselves create negative emotions or feelings such as, anger, frustration or pain. These are symptoms or ‘alerts’ that tell us something is wrong. Our value system is working!  Very often the response of people is to try and get rid of these disagreeable feelings as quickly as possible; take an aspirin, have a massage, go shopping, talk to a friend….Sometimes it works and the uncomfortable period is forgotten….. until it happens again. So once again you look for some way to stop these unpleasant moments…. and the cycle continues. Various techniques are tested and abandoned, expertise advice sought after with little or no effect until you start to believe that there is nothing to be done and either it is your personal problem for life or that you haven’t found the perfect technique…yet!

You have effectively got rid of these feelings or symptoms but nothing has changed, they come back and may even get worse. Are these feelings really ‘bad’? Could they be alerting us to something and if so what?

To answer these questions is to accept and take note of these alarm bells and investigate their message and significance. Through logical reasoning and through learning from your own experiences you will discover the cause of the problem which is, very often, related to our preconceived ideas, non-constructive habits or inaccurate expectations. Once the cause is discovered there is an opportunity to make changes and choices to improve the quality of your life.

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