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Registration Form -  Kids courses & Sessions
At Venue
In registering you agree to the terms & conditions below

Thanks for registering. See you soon

1. Cancellation policy

In the case of last minute cancellations (24 hours) 20% of the fee will be retained.

For cancellations due to illness or accident, please present a medical certificate for any refunds.  If the course is cancelled you will be fully reimbursed. 

2. Insurance

Please present a medical certificate that  ensures your child is fit to take movement classes and  be in possession of an "individual" insurance policy covering any physical
personal injury to which they may be exposed as a result of their activity. 

3.  Responsiblity

In case of theft, the Centre declines all responsibility. Outside of class time, students are under the responsibility of their parents or the adult in charge. In no case will the Centre

be responsible when a student finishes a lesson or between lessons.

4. Dress

Tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts or any other light clothing that is easy to move in.

5. Photos

It is possible that photos or videos of students may be posted on the MouvementEnVie's website or on social networks. If you do not wish this, do not tick the appropriate box on the registration form.


6. Dates

Classes will not continue during the holiday periods and in the week of Ascension. Otherwise they are weekly classes. The dates are listed along with the price and methods of payment here.

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