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You can improve your life on several levels if you know how.  Your habitual way of thinking and moving is part of who you are and how you live your life.  However, sometimes these same habits are the source of reoccurring issues such as back pain, sciatica, tension and nervousness or even difficulty mastering a technique. 

MouvementEnVie empowers you with the knowledge and the means to help you resolve your issues.  


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Moving with Ease & Freedom

Adult Individual and Group Classes

These sessions question the way we move, our ideas about moving and how it interacts with our lives. Avoid  aches and pains and learn to move with ease and freedom. 


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 Performance Workshop

Individual lessons and group workshops help you with issues such as;  nervousness, stage fright, perfectionism and low self esteem.

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Sessions for Dancers in Training

Sessions offer a unique view on physical functioning and how your intention plays an integral role in improving your technique and well being.    


  It was a fantastic experience,  thank you so much for your work Julia

 - Linda, Life Coach 

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