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You can improve your life on several levels if you know how.  Your habitual way of thinking and moving is part of who you are and how you live your life.  However, sometimes these same habits are the source of reoccurring issues such as back pain, sciatica, tension and nervousness or even difficulty mastering a technique. 

MouvementEnVie empowers you with the knowledge and the means to help you resolve your issues.  


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Contemporary Dance-adults

Contemporary dance is first and foremost an expression of the body.
In these classes, you'll discover new movement possibilities and learn to perform them gently, without tension but with energy.  
Open to anyone who simply wants to dance and enjoys doing so.


Ease & Freedom in Movement

with Alexander Technique

This work looks at the way you stand, sit and perform activities that often put enormous stresses and strains on the body, which can lead to pain and even injury.  
Playful demonstrations and the exploration of movement help you to improve your everyday actions, as well as certain sporting and artistic techniques.


  It was a fantastic experience,  thank you so much for your work Julia

 - Linda, Life Coach 

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