MouvementEnVie is about finding a state of ease, tranquility and balance in your life.  Your habitual way of thinking and moving is part of who you are and how you live your life.  However, sometimes these same habits are the source of reoccurring issues such as back pain, sciatica, tension and nervousness or even difficulty mastering a technique. 

MouvementEnVie gives you a means to identify the source of your problem and the knowledge and tools to solve it. 

Learning to Move & Moving to Learn
Weekly classes  for 6 - 8 yrs

Classes include games and exercises to help children release tension and help with their alignment. This approach improves their motor skills whilst they have fun at the same time.  Benefits include; increasing self confidence, poise, coordination, creativity  and  finding an inner calm. 

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Moving with Ease and Freedom

Adult Individual and Group Classes

We all move but seldom question the way we move or our ideas about moving and how it interacts with our lives. Without realising it, we are capable of putting enormous strains on our joints resulting in aches and pains or chronic injury. Luckily it doesn't take much to reverse the situation and learn to move with ease and freedom. After all we were born to do so.

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Sessions for Dancers
For individuals & groups 

Whether you are a dance enthusiast or training to become a professional dancer, you can benefit from learning more about how you move and how your intention plays an integral role in your technique and well being.  Individual lessons and group workshops can help with issues such as; overcoming nervousness in exams or in performances,  avoiding injury, finding your centre, being grounded, finding your natural alignement and much more.